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Charles ''Gilmo'' Gilstrap
November 24, 1948 - September 3, 2005

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By: mark coley May 27, 2007
By: Arubra Hembree Sep 16, 2005
I had the privilege of knowing Gilmo in high school and had recently had the opportunity to get back in "touch" with him. What a blessing. I had forgotten how kind, fun and thoughtful he was. The Lord knew I needed him this past year and I was looking so forward to future get togethers with him. I am sad and know that there is a purpose in everything and Gilmo's purpose was to make me smile again and laugh and know that he was a true friend. Thanks for sharing and I will see him again in heaven. My prayers and love goes to each family member and I know you will truly miss him and remember, he will be with you forever through his memories.
By: Mario Ramos Sep 10, 2005
Gilmo was a talented person and always willing to help when we were in need. He will be missed by us at IAH sheetmetal. My thoughts go to his family
By: Jay and Carol Maclaskey Sep 9, 2005
We met Gilmo several years ago when we were struggling to make something out of this old barn of ours. We were in there working very late one night and suddenly Gilmo came bursting through the front doors saying "Hey...I heard this is an ice house...can you buy a beer in here?". Within 5 minutes we were friends forever.

Every spring, Gilmo would call to ask "When's Fire and Ice??". He actually scheduled vacation so he could come spend time with family and friends. It was obvious by the trophies he won for "booth decorating" and "costume" the humor and enthusiasm he had. (We've tried so many times to tell the story about Gilmo's award-winning costume and it's one of those things that you just had to be there to see...any of you remember??) He was as proud as a new pappa when he won a trophy for cookin' but he was always so humble and grateful at the same time...never boastful. He appreciated the trophies, but they were just by-products and decorations to him. You could see by his grin and the twinkle in his eye that the real essence of Gilmo was in the joy of sharing time with his loved ones and creating memories they could forever share.

Last year, Carol's mother was here for the cook-off. She's from Maryland and it seemed to us that she was being a real "yankee". Everybody was trying to be nice to her, but it seemed as if so many things that she said were inappropriate. When someone welcomed her to Texas, she would complain about the heat. When she was welcomed to the cook-off, she said "I really don't understand what all of this is about"...and finally, the thing that sent Carol over the edge was when someone asked her if she didn't just LOVE Texas and she said "I think y'all are just brainwashed". Gilmo was there when she said that and defused the situation, (just about the time Carol was about to throttle her) and he pulled up a chair and talked to her for a long time. He realized that she was just an elderly woman in unfamiliar circumstances...uncomfortable with all the attention...having a difficult time knowing what to say and everything was coming out wrong. Throughout the rest of that day, every time Gilmo brought down an entry, as he walked past Carol's Mom, he put a hand on her shoulder or sat down and talked to her for a couple more minutes. Carol hasn't told her about Gilmo's passing...she's very ill right now, but she knows that when she does, she'll cry. Every time we've talked to her in the past year, she's asked about Gilmo. He had a way of touching lives that way..with no thought of what he would get in return. He would just reach out to you and almost immediately he would be in your heart...that's how it was with us.

He was a smiling, gentle soul. You can see his spirit reflected in his children. All of us will always have the great memories he gave us and we will miss him terribly.

We love you Gilmo. See you at the Fire and Ice.......

Jay and Carol Maclaskey / Fire and Ice BBQ
By: Kelvin & Jill Owens Sep 8, 2005
Gilmo always had a smile for everyone! He was always happy and joking around everytime we saw him! We are going to miss him at the racetrack. God Bless you and your family, Jason.
By: Erin Lloyd Sep 8, 2005
Gilmo was the best Dad, Grandfather and Friend. He made a huge impression on all of our lives and will be missed by everyone. He had a heart that was good as gold and always treated each and every one of us like his children. Most of all I will miss the jokes and that smile that could light up a room.
By: Tammie Rushing Sep 8, 2005
Gilmo was a great friend and neighbor to us for many years. We shared lots of laughs and many great stories. He will be dearly missed in the lives of the many people he touched. God took him too quickly but now God is enjoying his presence in heaven. May God Bless Your Family.
By: Jennifer Watson Sep 8, 2005
Gilmo leaves many funny memories in my mind. We grew up with his family and have very dear memories of them all. Its a horrible unexpected loss to everyone. I am praying for the family of Gilmo. He will not be forgetton. God Bless to all.
By: Shelley Adams Sep 8, 2005
My heart goes out to you guys, I am so sorry for your loss. Should you need anything at all let me know. God Bless.
By: Chad Salter Sep 8, 2005
I am so sorry to hear about Gilmo. I have great memories of him! My heart goes out to Jackie and Family.
By: JAMES CLARY Sep 7, 2005
Our family would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family. "Gilmo" will be truely missed. He brought laughter and smiles to people faces wherever he was. It's been a pleasure knowing him, and having him as a friend.
By: Tom, Melissa & Wyatt Hardie Sep 7, 2005
It has been fun. The laughter, and quick quirks will be missed. FIRE & ICE will never be the same. Miss ya Buddy. D-n-S cookers has lost a great one.
By: Joey Champion Sep 7, 2005
I'm very sorry to hear about Gilmo, He was so much fun and filled with laughter.

I personally will miss his jokes and friendship. My heart goes out to his kids,

grandchildren and rest of the family.
By: Rhonda Williams Sep 7, 2005
So sorry to learn of Gilmo's passing. He had a keen sense of humor and helped keep things lively at ol' Heliflight Services. My sincerest condolences to his family. I know he will be missed. God Bless.
By: Shantell Thomas Sep 7, 2005

I knew you from my dad

But still this death is sad

You used to call me darling and you were a good friend

Who would BBQ with us with food to no end

The parties were fun

From the light of the moon to that of the sun

Saddly the sun has set for you Gilmo

Though many of us hate to admit it so

I'd buy you a 12 pack to take to heaven with you

But I'm under 21 so you see thats something I can't do

Instead I stand here with a wish and hope

That your soul will send and that we can cope

Your life was fruitful and happy never useless

Becuase you always had a family in us

When I can legally make a toast

I'll make it to you and we'll boast

About how cool you were

The memories not yet starting to blur

See you at the gate

I'll bring the tackle and fishing bait

-Shantell Thomas 9/06/05

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