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B.E. Powell
July 22, 1924 - October 15, 2005

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Dear Beverly, Julie and Brian and family, you and Dr. Powell have been a part of our family for years...I know that Joann and Dr. Powell will have alot to catch up on..Your generosity through out the years have been the greatest..and because of that Christi was able to live her dream of riding horses. He will be deeply missed by all. I know for a fact that nothing mattered more to him than is family and the love of the horses..Again my prayers are with you..and I am very sorry.
By: Liz Aggarwal Oct 18, 2005
Dr. Powell was one of the most compassionate souls I ever had the honor to work with. He enjoyed amazing us with his incredible memory and was never cross with any of us. Our "5 O'clock" reports were always a pleasure.

I will remember Dr. Powell as someone who inspired me to become more than I thought I could be, and to always reach for that next star.

Godspeed, Dr. P.

Your Friend,

By: K. W. and Judy Goode Oct 18, 2005
During a very trying time, Dr. Powell and Hospice were very kind, caring, and professional.

Dr. Powell always showed his concerned for me as the spouse of a husband with cancer.

Conroe has lost a great doctor and man, but God has gained him for heaven.

May God bless your family during this time.
By: Ginny Lee Oct 18, 2005
I am finding it difficult to place into words everything Dr. Powell has been and meant to me. Becoming a nurse was everything to me and I had this vision of doctors being like Doc Baker on “Little House on the Prairie” treating patients with all of the dignity and respect a person deserves, treating the person and not the illness. Then the brick wall of realization hit me and I lost my balance and lost sight of my vision until I met Dr. Powell. His dedication, passion and love for his patients are insurmountable. He always treated me with the utmost respect and was always willing to learn as much from me as I learned from him. His influence on me goes beyond the professional realm into what life is really supposed to be. I lost the belief of love and old adage of “happily ever after” until I came to know Dr. Powell and Beverly as my friends and my adopted parents. I have never and will probably never see another man completely love and adore his wife as he did Beverly. No one could ever doubt his dedication to her and to his family. Once again, he gave me inspiration and a reason to believe in what seemed to me to be just a fairy tale. Thank you so very much Dr. Powell for all of your love, dedication, loyalty in a world that needs so much more of what you offered and gave. Rest in peace, my mentor, my friend, and I will see you again someday. I will miss you so.

Beverly, when you see this, please know that I love you and all of my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Although I cannot be there in person, I am and will always be there in spirit. With all of my love, Ginny (Kiddo).
By: Marcy Allen Oct 18, 2005
My mother, Sandy Maynard, worked for Dr. Powell for many years; even past that time he was always there and made time for our family when someone was ill. He was a kind man who I remember had a gentle voice and a great welcoming smile every time I saw him. My family extends our condolences and prayers to Dr. Powell's family and others who knew and loved him.
By: Shari Hall Oct 18, 2005
I have known Dr. Powell since I was in my teens and am saddened by his passing. He has been our family doctor at times throughout the years and my mother has worked for him on and off for many years. It is rare to meet someone so genuine in their kindness and with such a gentle spirit. My prayers are with Dr. Powell's family, especially Mrs. Powell, Brian and Julie and only hope that you find comfort in knowing that his life touched so many people. God's peace be with you in this time of grief.
By: Jon & Heather Maynard Oct 18, 2005
Mrs. Powell, Brian, Julie and family;

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I remember as a child being treated by Dr. Powell. My mother worked for Dr. Powell and over the years has always kept us in touch. Dr. Powell was a such a kind hearted and generous man. His dedication to his family, patients and our community will long be remembered and greatly missed. Dr. Powell was a gift we all were so very blessed to have.
By: Rama McDonald Oct 17, 2005
Jenny and Jesse,

I am sorry for your loss of your grandfather. I know he was a very special person to both of you.

Rama McDonald

2nd grade

Sam Houston Elementary
By: Jean Eddings Oct 17, 2005
In the early 60's Dr. Powell was our family physician, even delivered one of our children. Through some of the 60's and early 70's I was a registered nurse on the floor and in the emergengy room at the old Montgomery County Hospital; thus, working with Dr.Powell during many of those years. He was most efficient and one of kindest, caring people I ever worked with. He was a proud father and a true asset to his family, friends, patients, co-workers, his country and our community. He will be missed by many and remembered for his lifetime of good deeds.

Jean Eddings RN
By: Pam Little Williamson Oct 17, 2005
Dr. Powell will always be remembered and the last of the real family doctors. The nature of the

practice has changed so much...forcing our newer doctors to practice medicine in a different

way. He did not alter his style and never allowed himself to be rushed when dealing with

patients. He was wise and caring and enjoyed hearing about the family and telling a bit about himself and his

practice, if asked. At one time or another many of my family members relied upon him over the years for all

of their health care needs. Dr. Powell delivered many of those who grew up here in the Conroe area. He took

over the practice of Dr. Phillips (who delivered me in 1953) after Dr. Phillips untimely death in a auto

accident. I particularly enjoyed hearing him talk about his children and their interest in horses. The little baby grandson was just icing on the cake for him and for Beverly. He joked that Beverly and the other grandparents kept a time book for the little man to be sure one did not get more time than the other with the baby. We will miss him. He will never be replaced in our hearts and our minds. My hope is that all of his family realizes that he was loved and cherished by our community. He truly performed good deeds, every day, and

gave comfort and assurance to all of us who relied upon his medical and real life wisdom. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

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