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Chaz Matthew Pahnke
July 22, 1999 - November 13, 2005

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Uncle Dale Oct 3, 2012
Still missing my little scooter.
By: Taylor Pahnke Jun 23, 2006
Chaz, I love you and miss you so much baby. I will always remember how everyone says you look like me when I was little. You will always be in my thoughts and hold a special place in my heart.
By: Chris Grimmett Dec 1, 2005
Lance & Tina,

I heard the news on Thanksgiving Day and I am sad beyond words. I feel blessed to have met Chaz a couple of years ago. Please know our thoughts and prayers are very much with you and your family.

Much love,

Chris & Cheri Grimmett

(Springvale, Maine)
By: Tiffany Redman Nov 29, 2005
Tina & Lance,

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our hearts go out to you and Lance. May God Bless You.

Larry & Tiffany
By: Margaret Conwell Nov 23, 2005

You and Lance are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you.

Margaret Conwell
By: Trudy Maskin Nov 21, 2005
Dearest Lance and Tina,

My heart breaks for you, and my prayers are with you. May our dear Lord, continue to console you and strengthen you. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to spend time with Chaz (and you) during your summer visit to Chicago. What a little angel Chaz was and is, as he looks down on us now and guides us all. With love,

By: Penny Maxwell Nov 21, 2005
Dear Tina, My heart just broke for you when I heard about your precious son. I do remember that big smile he had when you would bring him in to say hello when we worked at the Woodridge store. I know there are no words right now to make this loss any easier for you. My thoughts and my prayers will be with you and Lance. God Bless You.

Your Friend ,

By: Tammy Shaw Nov 20, 2005

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You loved your little boy so much. My thoughts & prayers are with you and Lance.
By: Leeann Petry Nov 17, 2005

I would like to extend my sympathies to you and your family. We went to school together and I read about this in the paper. I am so sorry for you and your families loss.

By: Melissa Rod Nov 17, 2005
Mr & Mrs Pahnke,

We have never meet but my son Spencer is friends with your neighbor, Matthew Day. He has played with Chaz before when over visiting and wanted to tell you he enjoyed playing with Chaz and he's sorry that your going through this. You are in our families prayers.
By: Diane and Jerome La Valley Nov 16, 2005
Chaz was such a courageous little guy. He was always as happy to see us as we were to see him. He was pure of heart, always seeing the best in everyone. My best memory is going to Schlitterbann this summer with Lance, Tina, Kathleen, Andrew, and Chaz. Chaz knew no fear and would go down the tallest water slide and ride the tubes in the rapids. It was such a joy to see his excitement! We will miss him dearly, especially his sleep-over buddy Andrew.
By: Ollie & Jennifer Curley & Family Nov 16, 2005
Lance and Tina, our prayers are with you.You have our deepest sympathy. Just remember your LITTLE ANGEL is not gone very far from you, he is looking down at his parents with that great big beautiful smile of his. May God Bless you both.
By: Stacy West-Griffin Nov 16, 2005
Lance and Tina - I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
By: Paul,Dawn & Amberly Nye Nov 16, 2005
Lance and Tina,

We will miss Chaz so much. He was a very happy child and so much fun to be around. Amberly really enjoyed playing with him and we will not let her forget who her first boyfriend was. They really loved being with each other and we will miss that. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. Chaz had a smile that would just brighten your day. When you saw how happy Chaz was all the time that showed how great of parents ya'll were. Chaz will always have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget him.


Paul, Dawn & Amberly
By: joan purcell Nov 16, 2005
Lance and Tina--I am so sorry for your loss, and our loss. We will miss Chaz terribly---from that fiesty strong premature infant to the loving, happy, beautiful young man that bounced around our office. I know that Chaz is brightening God's days with his super smile! Tina and Lance, I am praying for you daily---may our Father of love, healing, and above all HOPE, restore your spirit and overcome your pain, in the days to come.

Our love, prayers, and thoughts are with you unceasingly----joan purcell and your friends at STEP.
By: Doyal & Mary Dupree Nov 16, 2005
Lance and Tina We can't begin to express the sorrow we feel for you and your family. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. May God continue to give you strength.

God bless

Doyal & Mary Dupree

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