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Alice ''Billie'' Cross
June 20, 1921 - November 30, 2005

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Tiffany Edwards Dec 16, 2005
Donald and Darlene do not know what it feels like to lose a parent - Donald and Darlene are THIEVES ... They stole my grandmother's belongings, jewelry and cashed in a life insurance policy when she was alive & well. SHAME! Donald had not seen my grandmother in 2 years! 2 years.... and he only saw her then because my mother Carol called him & said "HELLO IT'D BE A GOOD IDEA TO SEE YOUR ELDERLY MOTHER" Donald and Darlene claim to be "church going" people...but to where the church of satan? What Christian neglects & steals from their MOTHER.......... My Mother CAROL is an ANGEL she has taken care of my grandmother and was by her side up until death - my grandmother has 4 grand children who have always been by her side our whole lives. My grandmother told Donald when she was diagnosed w/ cancer to keep Darlene away from her...and then he brings her to her funeral SHAME ON YOU - well, I'm not a sweet lady like my grandmother - I STAND UP for her and my family and I'm saying now the things she wanted to tell you YOU ARE A THIEF I know Nana & Grampsy are in heaven soooo disappointed to have a son named Donald that acts like SATAN and his wife DARLENE who is a THIEF, THIEF, THIEF, MY mother CAROL IS AN ANGEL..... AT LEAST THEY HAVE 1 CHILD THAT IS BEAUTIFUL, LOVING HER FAMILY UNCONDITIONAL - YOU NEED TO LEARN FROM CAROL. DONALD - YOU ARE NOT PART OF THIS FAMILY ANYMORE........ YOU STAY AWAY Pray for forgiveness you neglected your 85 year old mother ...... DONALD, DARLENE, AND ANY OF THEIR "FRIENDS" you are not welcomed here........ or anywhere around us. If you loved Alice Cross you would have been there for her...not STOLEN from her. THIEVES. GO AWAY
By: John & Kaye Powell Dec 14, 2005
Our sympathy and condolences. Don & Darlene, sorry we couldn't be there for you. We had been called to the nursing home with Mom and lost her that night. We know how hard it is to lose a parent. Hope we can be in touch soon. John & Kaye Powell
By: Elizabeth Edwards Dec 5, 2005
Well Nana I am sure gonna miss our long talks...I miss you very much but I love you even more.

You were always the one person I could ask about anything and you always had an answer. I am over come with joy knowing that your in heaven now with your Ralphie. I bet your glad to be getting alittle romance since it has been so long. I;m gonna miss you but i know you will always be with me...I can feel you with me now remember I am getting married dec 30 i expect you to be dancong the night away. Love you always
By: Carol Edwards Dec 4, 2005
My Deat Lil' Momma, well we made it!!! It was very hard to let you go, but I know now you are with my dad and all of your loved ones. I know you know this but just as you wrote in the note you left behind for me, I loved you and will always love you very much!!! And do not worry because Bill will take care of your family for you. You and my dad were the greatest parents any child could have ever had. Thank you for making my childhood so wonderful. Thank you for always 'being there' for me throughout my life. I hope I will always live my life in a way to make you proud. Your kindness, caring and compassion for others set a great example for me. I will miss you so much, but remember what I told you, one day we will all be together again and what a glorious day that will be. Until then I will be loving Cris, Tiffany, Elizabeth and BIlly for you, the joys of your life!!! The day you went to Heaven we did not say Good Bye because you will always live in our hearts. I love you my dear lil' momma, rest well and I will be seeing you soon,, luv and hugs Carol
By: May Alice Wing Caldwell Dec 3, 2005
Billie did not have an easy life.

She was probably one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. I think of her as a very happy person - cheerful. Not that she was that way always, but that was the front she presented to other people. Very compassionate.
By: Tania Bustamante Dec 2, 2005
My Dearest Aunt Billie, I can't believe you are gone. I guess I thought you would be here forever. It seems like yesterday when i was a little girl and we came to live with you. I can still see your beautiful smile. I can even hear your laugh. I am so thankful that we were able to spend time together recently and you were able to meet my precious Brooke. I have a picture of the two of you together and i will treasure it forever. I will miss you so much. I know that you are in heaven and with Uncle Ralph. I am sure you are so happy to see him and your brother Stanley. I know you will be with us always. I love you so much...You will be in my heart always.
By: Marnie Chaix Dec 2, 2005
My Dear Aunt Billie, I can't look back on my life without thinking of you. You always made sure that i knew that you loved me and i the same with you. We had a very special understanding for as long as i can remember. A strong and special love. I will miss you deeply, my heart will never forget or stop loving you my wonderful Aunt Billie.
By: sharon young Dec 2, 2005
It isn't very often in ones life that someone will come into your life and change everything. I was fourteen years old when I met Mrs. Cross for the first time. Carol was also fourteen and we were all new to Conroe, we lived across the street from one another. Life was simpler back then. Mrs. Cross was always in the kitchen cooking something really good, she so loved her children and really cared about their friends. She was the finest example of a mother and a truly kind and decent human being that I have ever met. I will miss knowing that she is walking upon this earth, but I know she is with her husband and she loved him so. I will miss you.

Sharon Young
By: Tiffany Edwards Dec 1, 2005
My sweet Nana - I can't believe you are gone. I miss you so much it hurts. You were everything to me... you were there when I was born - took me home from the hospital with Mother... you made me breakfast every morning 1 pancake just like I requested - at lunch time I always had a note in my lunchbox on how much you loved me and any time I was sick you were right there with me until I was better. I always loved hearing all of your stories and how you met my Grampsy - you always knitted and sewed anything I needed done & told me you learned how to do those things in England at school. You always encouraged me to follow my dreams - you were a comfort to me whenever I needed to talk to someone - I always knew I could go to you & you would never judge me ... One time I had a nightmare and peeked through the cracks of the door to see if your light was still on & you told me anytime I was scared to just crawl into the bed with you... what a protector you were. How in the world will I ever be perfect like you? I know you'll always be with me - helping me through life and I know some day when it's my turn to leave earth - you'll be waiting there with Grampsy and your bright blue eyes and your precious smile. I will always love you Nana
By: Curtis Caldwell Nov 30, 2005
Billie Cross is a legend in our family. I have heard of her throughout my life from my mother, May. Billie was my mother's best friend, in days when friendship was not a fleeting experience, but a lifetime friendship. Heaven is a little better now. Thank you, Billie, for being part of my mother's life.

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