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Dominick DeGangi
September 15, 1915 - February 9, 2006

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Georgia DeGangi


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By: Georgia DeGangi Feb 15, 2006

Memories of My Father

Georgia DeGangi

The last time I saw my father, the family rallied together to make a home-made video called, “The Music Lesson”. We donned band shirts and sombreros, assembled every trumpet and violin we could find. I was the Music Lesson hostess and to do justice to my role, I put on a beehive wig and stiletto heels. My dad was just recovering from another heart attack and we worried that blowing his trumpet may not be a good thing. But he stocked up on his oxygen that day and practiced a few bars to warm up his choppers. I could see that he delighted in participating in this comedy hoax. As we turned to the camera, he beamed as I introduced him as the world renown trumpeter, Dominick DeGangi. He had a knack for comedy. I asked him, “And what equipment does a trumpeter need to become a virtuoso trumpeter?”, he didn’t miss a b
By: Robert Dickey Feb 13, 2006
I’m the son in law and like most sons in law have done a fair amount of complaining about the “in laws” but the truth is that over the years his daughter Georgia and I looked to Dominick for guidance and moral support, both of which he provided in abundance without interfering in our lives. In his own quiet way he had a knack for being there when needed, doing the little things with the subtlest gestures, but knowing when to stand back and let us learn to deal with life on our own. I am indeed fortunate to have known him and will be forever grateful for the impact he had on our marriage and my life.

By: Diane Daniels Feb 10, 2006
Dear DeGangi Family,

We extend our heartfelt and sincere sympathy for the loss of Domingo. He was a kind, gentle and talented soul. We are certain that you will treasure the years with him,


The Daniels Family

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