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Danielle Maria Martin
November 18, 1989 - February 16, 2006

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: David Martin Feb 25, 2006

Your life was truly beautiful. My only regret is that I did not spend more time with you; unfortunately distance does that sometimes. I was so proud of you, to hear all of the beautiful tributes about you from your friends. I will never forget you as the little girl who took me by the hand to show me your doll house, and the hard work you put into it. There was nothing you could not accomplish, and at the end you accomplished so much more than most people only dream of. You will greatly be missed.

With much love - your cousin from Chicago - David
By: Meaghan Siegel Feb 25, 2006
To Danielle's family and friends: Danielle was such a wonderful person, no matter what was going on, she always was the one who shrugged it all off and brought everyone together with the laughter she created in every room! I will miss her so much! All of the fun times that we shared will always be with me, and the thought of her mishcheivious little ways will always brighten my day! To Danielle: Even though you are gone, I will always treasure the happy times we had together and the many times you sat on me! I love you, Girl! I'll miss you always, Love Ya!!~~Meaghan~~ PS: i'm gonna cause trouble in your name girlie!
By: Josh Wright Feb 24, 2006
"I Miss My Friend" I know her journey's just begun. I will think of her as just resting from all the sorrow and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort. I can hear her telling me that my sadness and tears will soon pass away. I will always think of my friend D. as living in my heart and always rembering all those she touched with that big smile and those bright eyes she had. I will continue to hear her call my name down the halls at school and rember those big hugs she was always so eager to give. She was my friend and I miss her so much. She was so happy to tell me that she had the job at I-Hop because we could go and eat at half price. I told her "lets have pancakes" and her reply to me was "Josh, do you know how many damn pancakes I have eaten" She was amazing and I loved her sense of humor. So, as we would say to one another all the time "See ya later buddy" and we will, and I will gladly take one of those big hugs she would give. I will say goodbye for now my friend....until we meet again..Nothing Loved is ever lost.....I miss my friend...
By: Mrs. Gregurek Feb 24, 2006
Dear Jared,

I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this tragic time in your life. You know how much I liked having Danielle in my class here at Dueitt. She was so funny just like you are. There was never a dull moment when Danielle was in the classroom. Know that I will be here for you when you return to school. The class just isn't the same without you here. Mrs. G.
By: GWEN STANLEY Feb 23, 2006
Phyllis & Family,

Please accept our heartfelt sympathy. We will keep you and your family in our hearts and prayers.

You are in our thoughts & prayers.

Your friends at the County Attorney's Office
By: Dianne Lane Feb 22, 2006
Danielle was a ray of sunshine when she walked into a room. Her wonderful personality and smile will be missed by all. We will never forget her.
By: Amanda Keller Feb 22, 2006
Even though I only talked to Danielle a few times at school I am still very sad that she isn't with us anymore.

We love you and miss you Danielle!
By: Megan Graham Feb 22, 2006
Danielle was a great friend to me and I will always remember her.
By: Cathy Wright Feb 22, 2006
Phyllis and Brian,

Heaven has a new angel while we are left with such aching emptiness. Danielle was a beautiful person with great ambition and a heart of solid gold. Death just leaves such a heartache and it it just takes time to heal. We have her memories and no one can steal those form us. Josh and I were thinking and laughing about her nutty way about things. She was little Miss Personality. She, Josh and Tara truly has a great friendship with each other. I will miss that beautiful smile and laugh of hers. Just know we are with you in your time of emptiness and will forever be in our thoughts as will our little angel. "No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why." May God comfort and embrace you and your family. God Bless
By: For Family and Friends Feb 22, 2006
~If You Could See Where I Have Gone~

If you could see where I have gone,

the beauty of this place

and how it feels to know you're home.

To see the Saviors face,

to wake in peace and know no fear,

just joy beyond compare.

While still you miss me yet

you wouldn't want me there,

If you could see where I have gone.

If you could see where I have gone,

if you had made the trip with me.

You'd known I didn't go alone,

My Savior came with me.

When I awoke,he was by my side

and reached down with his hand,

said "Hurry,your going home

to a grand and glorious land."

"Don't worry over those you love

for I am not just with you.

Don't you know with you at home

they'll long to be here too."

If you could see where I have gone,

and see what I've been shown.

You'd never know another fear

or ever feel alone.

You'd marvel at the care of God,

his hand on every life

and realise he cares.

He bears with us with each stride

and he weeps when one is lost.

His heart is filled with pain,

but Oh the joy when one comes home.

A child at home again.

If you could see where I have gone,

you could stay awhile with me,

could share the things that God has made

to grace eternity.

But,No,You couldn't ever leave,

Once Heaven's joy you'd know.

You couldn't bear to walk Earth's paths

once Heaven was your home.

If you could see where I have gone,

you'll know we'll meet some day

and though I am parted from you now.

That I am just away.

So Thank-You for living for the Lord,

for encouraging me to love him too,

to trust him and his word.

Now that I am home with him,

secure in every way,

I'm waiting here at Heaven's door

to greet you some sweet day.
By: Danyale Bailey Feb 22, 2006
Phyllis and family-

Words are never enough to express sorrow as deep as this. Danielle was such a darling little girl and an even more darling young lady. She had infinite social grace, maturity, and personality. I will remember and cherish so many wonderful times that we all spent together, mostly laughing and eating:-) She used to tell me what a wonderful name I had and I had to agree and tell her the same thing. It is so tragic that this world will have to go on without her, and yet it will never be the same. I pray that God will bless you and be with you during this incredibly difficult time. We have to feel peace in the fact that we will see her smile and laugh again someday and what a sweet day it will be.

With all of my love and sympathy,

By: Rachel Hicks Feb 22, 2006
Although I didn't spend much time with Danielle after school we made up for it during school. I have seen Danielle in 7 months because I had to moved but we still talked on the phone. Danielle was the best friend anyone could ask for and I am so happy I had the opprotunity to be friends with her. I miss her so much it is really hard to believe that she is gone. I know it must be hard for her parents...it is hard on everyone actually. She is in a better place now and thats good. R.I.P- Danielle MArtin We miss you so much D!! We will be with you soon!
By: Ashley Gary Feb 22, 2006
Danielle was an amazing person. She was smart, funny, and i loved being around her. I will never forget our girl scout days when we were 5. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers. And her family as well. I love you and miss you girl!!!

By: Elena Lightbourn Feb 22, 2006
Danielle, I'll never forget the great times we had together. Middle school was fun with you. You sure knew how to make someone laugh! Hanging out was just awesome as well... I'm just really going to miss you. I know you're at peace now, and my prayers will be with you and your family.



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