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James E. Price

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By: Betty Jo Morgan Mar 20, 2006
Joyce & Family,

What a wonderful experience it has been to know James and your family. You are all very special to me, and I am so sorry for your loss. I know heaven is a better place with James there--he'll keep them all on their toes. I love ya'll.
By: Gary Roth Mar 9, 2006
Seeing James was always such a pleasant experience. I feel especially fortunate having talked with him last Thursday and finding in his usual jovial mood. If spreading goodwill was his mission--mission accomplished.
Joyce and family I am so sorry to hear of Jame's death. He was such a young person in spirit. He was always such a joy to talk too. Always upbeat and such a great sense of humor. He will be so very much missed by the whole community. My heart and prayers are with you at this time. Sincerely Cheryl Fox
By: Betty Adams Mar 7, 2006
James, I will miss you coming in and saying "Hi, Trouble." You always had a smile and made me smile. You could brighten anyone's day. To your grandchildren, I hope they follow after their grandfather's footsteps.

By: JOHN & KAYE POWELL Mar 7, 2006
How to you properly say farewell to a true gentleman that will be greatly missed by so many? John remebers many conversations and debates they had over a cup of coffee at the Texan Cafe. I remeber him as this very tall stately kind man, who always had a smile on his face and a friendly word. It was so obvious how much he loved his family and they him. Our condolences to you. John & Kaye Powell
By: Christi Hargrove Evans Mar 7, 2006
I have known James for around 9 years, what an inspiration of a man. There is not enough space here or words to describe James. He would light up a room the second he walked in! I loved his stories, his jokes, his spirit. James will be missed so much by everyone that he crossed paths with. I will truly miss my friend!

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