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Jo Ann Burkhart
October 22, 1937 - March 6, 2006

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Jackie Williams Mar 28, 2006
What a lady, what a friend. She had the ability to make every person she greeted feel like she had missed them and genuinally cared how they were doing. She was a wonderful listener. Her smile brightened up entire rooms. I will forever miss her, I will forever look for her smiling face at meetings and hope for the chance to have a few words with her. My heart is hurting and I doubt it will ever heal.

I love you Jo. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. This is not goodbye. I look forward to the day I will see you again.
By: Bettye Strader Mar 28, 2006
I met Jo in 1977 at a meeting held at her house. She has been my friend ever since. That was the year both 300 Bowl and Oak Ridge Super Bowl opened. I believe without Jo's open-mindedness, sense of fairness and forward thinking, the local association might still be named Conroe Women's Bowling Asc. She was a rare treasure to everyone she met. Our Association blossomed because of her. Our world was blessed to have her in it. She will be sorely missed by so many people. My solace is that she is with dear Guy in Heaven. I miss you, Jo!
By: Carole Townsend Mar 20, 2006
To Jo Ann's family, I am a new friend of Jo Ann's , having just met her in September when I started bowling with her. What a warm, loving, friendly person who made me feel a part of the group from the first week we met. Having been a bowling league secretary for more years than I can count, I know what a stressful, sometimes thankless job it is. But never did I see her flustered or complaining - she was a jewel. Please know that all her bowling friends will miss her and our prayers are with all of you.
By: Sally Haenelt Mar 15, 2006
Jo I will miss you dearly. You were not only a friend and a bowling buddy, but a mentor as well. You taught me alot. I will miss your big smiles, great hugs, and your caring. You will be thought of at least every day by all of us. Course your job has not changed, you still have to watch over all of us. But now it wll be easier. Love you, Sally
By: Kay Turner Mar 14, 2006
Jo Ann was a very beautiful person, friendly to everone she met. It was my honor to know Jo Ann, she will be missed by us all.
By: Wynelle Dawson Mar 13, 2006
I first met Jo Ann while still in High School when my Mother went to Conroe to install the Officers of the Conroe Womens Bowling Association. You'll never meet anyone as sweet and loving as Jo Ann. She was always making everyone feel welcome. We'll miss her.
By: Emma Petty Mar 13, 2006
A wonderful person, always smiling. May she have a 300 game in the clouds.
By: Mary Burns Mar 13, 2006
Always there for everyone. A Very Dear Person.
By: Sheila Greer Mar 13, 2006
Dear Carol & Coaine your Mother was a beautiful person whom made everyone feel special. As I'm sure you can see how everyone felt please know her life had a great purpose and she lived well and loved everyone, as they did her also! God Bless.
By: THELMA SHAFFER Mar 13, 2006
To the family of Jo Ann's.I have known her through our many years of bowling. I can say she was a beautiful lady always and had smiles and kind words for everyone she met. I will miss visiting with her and the happiness she gave to all who knew her. Bless you all.
By: Nancy Divelbiss Mar 12, 2006
It was a great privilege to have known Jo Ann. She was such a generous, loving and caring person.

We enjoyed our yearly encounters and email correspondence throughout the year. I truly value the

friendship we made and will miss her very much. She will remain in my heart forever. Looking

down she will always know she has a friend in PA. She will be the angel I will look for. My

prayers and thoughts are with her family. May God Bless them. Much love Jo - Nancy D.
By: Babs Scholma Mar 12, 2006
I met Jo thrue bowling back in 1989 and she has been a great help to us as newcomers.
By: Babs Scholma Mar 12, 2006
Jo welcomed us as newcomers in 1989 and has been a great friend ever since then, even thoe we moved away again six years later. We stayed in contact by e-mail up until the very last day. I am very saddened by her passing but know she is in a happier place and I will see her again soon.
By: Jane Wright Mar 12, 2006
Jo Ann will always be in my heart! She was truly one of God's disciples and angel here on earth. Her love of life, her smile, her wit, her words of encouragement, her big and generous heart will always be remembered no only by me, but by all those who have had the honor, pleasure and privilege of knowing and loving her. While she will be terribly missed here, I rejoice she is with her beloved Guy. Both are looking down and telling all of us to enjoy life and know they will always be a part. My prayers go to Jo's family as well as to all the bowlers who knew and loved her. May God grant us all the understanding, comfort, peace and love that is needed at this time. Jo, thank you for being YOU! You are so special and so loved!
By: Lori Stein Mar 12, 2006
Jo was one of the sweetest people I've ever known. She always had a smile for you and was always encouraging to everyone. She will be dearly missed, but I know she is happy to be with Guy again. Farewell Jo, I will miss yours sweet smile.
By: Ellen Goss Mar 12, 2006
Joan will be so very much in our life. She was a very special friend to all
By: Nelda Beard Mar 12, 2006
We shall miss you Jo. I met Jo the first year she ran for the state board and we have been friends since then. My love and sympathies to her family.
By: Dorothy "Dot" Atherton Mar 10, 2006
Joan was a special, friendly, helpful friend when I first started bowling in the early 70's. She always had a

smile for you no matter how busy she was with her secretary job. She loved her family dearly and she will be missed by so many. My sympathy and prayers to her family.
By: Patti Everett Mar 10, 2006
I have known both JoAnn and Guy most of my life. I can't tell you how much they influenced my life growing up and how fortunate I was to know them. Both my parents considered them friends, not just neighbors, and so did I.I remember when I was in a play in my early high school years, and the character had to wear something seductive and flowing. JoAnn came to the rescue with a flowing red negligee that were among the many that Guy bought her. He adored her,justifiably so.She was one of the kindest, most giving individuals I have ever known. It is no wonder that my parents thought so much of her and Guy. JoAnn was such a thoughtful soul. I saw her on my last trip to Conroe, and she let me know how good it was to see me. It made me feel welcome in a place where I assumed people had long forgotten me. It was very moving for me. I am so sorry about your loss, and it is a great loss at that. My prayers and thoughts remain with you throughout this difficult time. All my love, Patti Everett
By: Jeanna Sparks Mar 9, 2006
Dear JoAnn -- to say her name makes me smile, makes me remember warm hugs, caring eyes and the aura of joy that surrounded her. I met JoAnn just a few years ago, through bowling. She was a light of happiness, joy, friendship, and a person of enormous love. I cannot imagine how her family must feel, my heart goes out to them. I personally will treasure every memory I have of JoAnn. I will keep her with me forever. She made me feel loved; she made me feel special. I will miss her very much.
By: Terry Brown Mar 9, 2006
So like JoAnn to be on the move. She never could sit still for long. She was such a glorious social butterfly. I met Jo a few years ago while bowling with the Clipperettes League in Conroe. She was not just the league secretary but the head of the welcome wagon, making everyone comfortable and hyping us all up with her glowing personality...and of course her candies. I never met her girls or grandkids. But I feel like I know them because she spoke about them often and was so very proud of all. Vaya con dios my friend. We will miss you.
By: Edna Gilchriest Mar 8, 2006
I met Jo Ann about 5 years ago through the MCWBA
By: Edna Gilchriest Mar 8, 2006
I met Jo Ann about 5 years ago through the MCWBA. I could always call on her if I had a bowling problem. We had a very good visit during the MCWBA Tournament and I will always treasure it. She will be missed by all who knew her....especially ME. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God Bless You.

Edna Gilchriest

Cleveland, Texas
By: Sharon Tubbs Mar 8, 2006
I cannot begain to tell you how very sorry I am to hear about Jo Ann. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She was always so Happy go Lucky and always seemed so concerned about everyone.Coaina & Carol, I know your loss is very deep, but you will have soooooo many wonderful and beautiful memories to keep in your Hearts. To Carol, her Sister, I know you have not only lost a Sister, but your "Best Buddy" Carol she will also always be with you, and I will always remember you-all together. I will remember you in my prayers and I know she and Tommy will be glad to see each other again, she was always such a "Special" cousin to him.

Love and Prayers to each of you,

Sharon Tubbs
By: Jeanne Hester Mar 8, 2006
There are so many words we will hear in the next few weeks, loving, kind, smiling, a joy to be around, compassionate, loyal, fun, the list goes on and on. Thank God for the opportunity to know, care and love a friend like Jo and to expierence all of those adjectives first hand. She was a very special lady. My prayers are with the entire family at this time.
By: Suzie Buttrick Mar 8, 2006
It is with a heavy heart that I say "Goodbye" to a dear and cherished friend. Truly, Jo

Ann was the calm breeze in the midst of my storms....a steady hand and a patient heart.

God has chosen, the angels sing again and my life with never be the same.
By: Amy Griffin Mar 8, 2006

I don't know if you remember me but we went to school together way back when. (Amy Griffin). I was sorry to hear of the loss of your mom and your dad. I lost my mom 13 years ago, and can understand the pain you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Carol.

Amy Griffin
By: Peggy Little Mar 8, 2006
I met JoAnn about 28 yrs ago through Guy, who I worked with, but I got to know Jo through bowling. I grew very close to her in this time and I will miss her so very much. As everyone else has said, she was kind, loving, caring, sweet and always smiling. She would do anything in the world for you, if she could. The world has lost a beautiful angel but I guess God needed her there. God Bless her family. I'm sure they will be okay because of the faith of a loving God that Jo would have instilled in them. I'll say Goodbye Jo, I love you and will never forget you...

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