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Charles ''Chuck'' L. Irvin
March 2, 1935 - April 29, 2006

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By: Michal and Sara Luck May 3, 2006
We are saddened for the grief we know that Mr. Irvin's family will experience in their loss. He was a gentleman

and a kind person with a love of things of beauty - especially of the gardens at his home. It was a pleasure to have known Charles Irvin. We believe the gardens he walks in now far surpass those here on earth.
By: Ricks Frazier May 3, 2006
DUring the 15 years we worked together at Texaco, Chuck was always in positions of authority and responsibility, which often meant having to deal with the problems and difficulties of others. He never shirked from a task and never failed to carry it out with professionalism, respect, and humor. I remember most his infectious laugh, which helped all of us put the daily "crises" at the office into perspective. My deepest sympathy goes out to Chuck's family. While in these hours we may feel his loss most deeply, he memory will continue to enrich our lives for eyars to come.
By: Edwin Buckley May 3, 2006
I was deeply saddened by Chuck's passing. Though we have not encountered each other for about the last twenty years, I remember Chuck as a fine gentleman and respected lawyer. (Chuck and I worked togeather in Texaco's Chicago office in the 70s. I will remember Chuck and his family in my prayers.
By: Joe Phillips May 3, 2006
An expression of sympathy and condolences to the Charles L. Irvin's family

Joe B. Phillips and family wish to express their sympathy to the Ivrin

family. Joe B. Phillips was a schoolmate of Mr. Ivrin for several years.

He and his family always stayed in touch with the Irvin family.

Mr. Ivrin was very instructmental in persuading Mr. Phillips to enter law

school and become a successful lawyer.

The entire Phillips family pays tribute to the Charles L. Irvin Family for

being such close and helpful friends.

May God continue to bless and watch over the Charles Ivrin family
By: Beverly Walton May 2, 2006
I was so saddened to learn of Mr. Irvin's death, but at the same time a flood of memories came back that made me smile. He had a very well-developed sense of fairness and justice. I was supervisor of the support staff and when I had a difficult situation between a secretary and attorney, I would go to Mr. Irvin with the complaint. When I told him of a problem, he would immediately call the attorney into his office and "on the carpet." I soon learned that he would act quickly because he trusted my judgment. It made me very careful not to abuse that trust. What a great example of mentor and man. I also always knew how much he loved Shirley, Kim and Jonathan, and know he was a great father-in-law and grandfather! Please know my prayers are with you in your great loss.
By: Van Williams May 2, 2006
To the family of Chuck Irvin, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Chuck hired me for my first corporate legal job. He placed his trust in me and others and lead us in his quiet ways. He showed his care and love for others while performing very difficult work. He was a gentleman at all times. I had a chance years ago to talk to attorneys from Chicago to Beaumont about Chuck and they would tell great stories of working side by side with him. They told me of the respect that judges, union leaders and opposing attorneys had for Chuck. I know that my career would not have been the same without Chuck's guidance.
By: Carolyn Sellers May 2, 2006
The legacy of a man can be measured by the impact he had on others. My heart is very heavy today because a man who had a tremendous impact on me has died. Charles gave me my first job out of law school, and he served as my mentor long after he retired from Texaco. If I called him, it didn't matter if we had not spoken for several months or several years, we could pick up where we left off. Early in my career, I was working very long hours trying so hard to impress him. I did not want him to ever regret hiring me. One day he came to my office and told me, "the most important role you should play is as a wife and mother. Go home. The work will be here tomorrow." I have repeated that advice to other young, and in some cases not-so-young, attorneys. Shirley, Kim and Jonathan, I feel so honored and blessed to have known Charles. Thank you for sharing him, and his impact will continue to stay with me.

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