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Anthony ''Tony'' Michael Franks
December 28, 1973 - May 26, 2006

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By: Karen Nov 9, 2009
Well Michael it has been over three years now and you(we) have a beautiful granddaughter and anotherone on the way...Wish you were here to enjoy her we all miss you real bad, your son will grauduate next year looking more and more like you every day.....until we meet again...

Love and Miss you
By: Brittany Franks Feb 6, 2009
Hey Daddy,

Well to let you know i'am doing ok but still miss you. You have a grand-daughter,her name is Braylyn Nicole Alvarez!!!! You should see her she is beautiful like you said my kids always would be. I'am also with an amazing guy named Danny,yeah i know what your thinkin" WHATEVER". It's sad to mention that our baby has no grandpa,his dad passed away too. Anyways i still can't believe your gone its just not fair. i'am getting married next year on May 26th,2010. I really wish you could be here to walk with me,but Bubba is going to do it still doesn't make up for my loss. Anyways i got my diploma I always said i would ya know and i did it for you!!!! Bubba is soo cute and growing up to be just like you he misses you too,i'am going to the cemetary on Sat. (my birthday)!!!! Well daddy i miss you and love you and wish you were here!!!! LOVE ALWAYS,
By: Shawnda LeAnn Nov 27, 2007
Hey Bro-n-law! I miss you like crazy! So much shit has happenend since you have been gone.. Your going to be a Grandpa! We are praying its a boy.. Brittany is getting stronger and well Bubba is tunring out so much like you it scares me he is for sure lil tony! I finally got my wish Karen and Bill are getting a divorce too bad you wont be here to party with me! Me and Tammy are really close its sad your not here to share in out memories with us! Next month is your birthday and I cant believe that you wont be here but believe you you wont be forgotten! I love you Michael and Ill NEVER have another KICK ASS Brother-N-Law like you! Love ur lil sis... Tell mom hi
By: Tammy Kennedy Dec 28, 2006
Happy Birthday babyboy!
Christmas this year was really hard on all of us! I can't believe its been 7 months and 2 days, it seems like only yesterday you were walking in the house from work and telling me how much you missed me. Life still feels like it is in a tailspin. Britt, although very strong, is taking Christmas really hard, the same with Bubba and Karen. I didn't put up all my Christmas lights this year cause you weren't here to help and tell me how I was going to blow the neighborhood up with all the lights..lol. I hear our songs on the radio, it seems like all the time, I miss you so much! I read the emails that you sent me this time last year. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't get one that said "I LOVE YOU!" I miss that, I miss you calling me, texting me, hell babyboy I miss everything about you! Wish you were here. A new Year is about to begin and we all wish you were here to enjoy it with. I love you babyboy and I will see you soon!
Always and Forever
your babygirl (#2) (Britt is #1!)
By: Karen Oct 26, 2006
I has been 5 months today, you would really be so proud of your children, Brittany is a stong young Lady, and Bubba is a big little man. These have really been so hard months to handle but because you left us all with alot of strength we take a step day to day. We all miss you more then you will ever know, Iam real glad that you meet Tammy and you shared her with us .......she has been such a TRUE friend and a very vert special person to the kids and well we owe that to you..and as well so much more. You will Forever be in our Hearts and on our MINDS....till our roads cross again.....RIP....lots of LOVE Brittany,Bubba and Karen....
By: Tammy Kennedy Aug 29, 2006
Hey baby boy, I know you are watching over all of us, we miss you so much. Brittany is holding her head high you would be proud, Bubba is still crazy as ever making everyone laugh, Drew and Jedd are still keeping me running, Karen and I are trying to be strong for all of us. There are so many things we all want to tell you, show you, share with you. You touched so many lives in ways you couldn't even imagine. I love you baby-boy and miss you dearly. Till we meet again. Always and forever your (other) baby-girl.
By: Karen Johnson(Franks) Jul 11, 2006

Well how to start.We shared a life of marriage for 7yrs, and we were blessed with two darlin children.

Your(mom) always said we had her litle Deidra and little Tony..We will always love you and miss you so much, but, you will forever live in our hearts. Good-Bye until we all meet again....always and foever with love.

Karen,Brittany(your babygirl)and Bubba(little-man)
By: Brittany Franks Jul 11, 2006

Hmm what can i say.. You were the best dad anyone could ever ask for, not only were you my dad but you were my bestfriend. I wish this was a dream and i could wake up and see your face again and tell you how much i love you. I guess when i hear the expression you don't know what you have until its gone i will listen.. Well just incase your wondering Bubba is growing up to be a little you, i'am just the same old Brittany,mom is staying strong,and tammy is staying strong herself. Well dad i guess there isn't much to say but... I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH DADDY AND WISH YOU WERE HERE WITH ME..... Forever your little girl ~Brittany~
By: Charity Tyler Jun 29, 2006
Tony, where do I begin, you were always there for me, I will forever miss you and you will always have a place in my heart. My regret is that we lost touch so many years ago and I can never get them back. I love you bubba. Charity
By: Angie Sanchez Jun 20, 2006
Tony, even though we weren't the closest of friends, you did mean alot, your always made me laugh, and always knew how to cheer me up....My family and I will always remember you, especially on my birthday, May 26. Love ya
By: truman snider Jun 1, 2006
True friend and Brother) Eventhough the last few years we haven't been close you where alaways in my heart and on my mind And you always will.i love you bro love trudy.
By: Tammy Kennedy May 31, 2006
I will never forget the little thing as you always said.

I will always be your true love, as you were mine.

I love you Michael!

Always and forever

your baby-girl!

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