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Robin Alden Olin
July 19, 1953 - May 31, 2006

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Door Greeter, Susie Heist


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By: Ashley Olin Jul 16, 2006
Daddy...i don't know how i have been surviving without you. Nothing is the same and i miss you sooooo much! I try to go visist you everyday but sometime i can't. I just want to let you know thta i love you so much and i will never stop...No one is ever going to take your place...EVER!!! i LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. I MISS YOU SOOOOOO

MUCH TOO. I just wan tyou to know that you were, are, and will be loved sooo much! you were the best dad that anyone could have. I couldn't have picked a better father than you if i had tried to!!!!! I will see you some day in Heaven. If i could be half as good as you i'm sure to get into Heaven. I love you more than you could possibly imagine!!! Hug Sawshe and Ciro for me!! And teach them how to play Texas hold 'em and when i see you we will play together!!! I love you and will write to you again another day.


By: Door Greeter, Susie Heist Jun 4, 2006
Dearest Robin, I just wanted to let you know how much your family loves you. How much they miss you. I bet you were the best hugger in the world, because you passed that on to Shirley, and Rob. I am proud to be counted as your friend..... You did so good.... I will miss you, and I will see you in heaven some day. Please step up and introduce yourself to the best greeter Wal-Mart has ever had. It will be a pleasure meeting someone who was soooooooooooooo loved. Hearts, and Hugs, Susie

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