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Reyes Ramirez
January 6, 1983 - June 17, 2006

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Clifford L. AshleyI am so sorry for the lose your family is experien
Frances Castillocathy gonzales
Jean RiddickPaul Ranges
Paul RangesSherry Guajardo


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By: Vivien Perpetua Jul 2, 2006
I never knew Reyes Ramirez - but when I heard he was from the Conroe area (the same area as me) - I felt so proud of him. He is definitely a HERO. I felt such sadness for his family and friends... a young man gone too soon. I will never forget about how he and all of the other brave soldiers died for our freedom. God Bless Reyes & his family
By: Evelyn Morrison Jul 1, 2006
There is no way that I can possibly feel the pain and hurt that you are going through at this time. But I want you to know that I am grateful to your son for the sacrifice he has made for our country and I am grateful to you his family who has made that same sacrifice. I did not know your son, nor do I know you his family. I am just another American who feels the pain of this war and appreciates the many sacrifices that are being made. God Bless you All .
By: Frances Castillo Jul 1, 2006
Lo siento muchisimo por todos. No hay palabras en verdad que te puede decir, mas que las quieren mucho y yo se que este dolor es muy duro para todos ustedes. Reyes left us with great pride in all that he has done and given of himself for this country. He left a soon to be born legacy, a precious little gift from God to his wife and family, a little part of himself, ( Syres ). Reyes will always be remembered well. He was a beautiful person! I give honor to Reyes and to his family which are like my family. I love you all!!!

Que Dios te fortalezaron y comfortaron!!!! May God strengthen and comfort you!!!!
i did not no him but im srry for his lost and i know u r proud of him cause i know i was proud of him for fightin for are COUNTRY
By: Paul Ranges Jun 30, 2006
I am proud of Sergeant Reyes Ramirez for serving a country which was not his by birth. I am proud of him for serving in a war that, because they do not feel directly affected, is far from the thoughts of many Americans. I did not know Sergeant Ramirez personally, yet I do know him as a brother serviceman. I weep for the loss of another young man and for the pain of his family. I pray that his child, his wife and family will have long and comfortable lives, at least partly because of the sacrifice which he has made for them and for this country. God bless Sergeant Reyes Ramirez. God bless America.
By: Sherry Guajardo Jun 30, 2006
Although I can't be there with you, I want the family to know I am there in spirit and true sorrow.Reyes was such a bright young man with a lot of ambition. He will truly be missed. I know God took him home because he needed someone caring and respectful to watch over the Heavens.A true soldier to take care of the pearly gates.Catalina, I feel as if he were my son, I've known him for so long.May God give you the strength to understand this and just know he is in a better place than all of us here.I love you all, and wish I could be there with you. Love always, The Guajardo Family.
By: cathy gonzales Jun 30, 2006
para los padres de reyes. lo siento por lo su hijo. no les digo que se como se siente. perder un hijo . pero se como se siente perder. a dos hermanos. bueno china Y marcos asta luego.

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