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Alvin B. English, Jr.
September 24, 1926 - June 27, 2006

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Tributes Add Your Tribute
By: Greg Slack Jun 30, 2006
My trombone king ...

Mr. English was a truly unique man who had a zest for life that energized those around him. Those engaging qualities made him the consummate musician, educator, and professional. He was a gift to those who were fortunate enough to know him.
By: Jack and Fran Slack Jun 30, 2006
We have admired and respected the English family for over the last forty years; and it saddens us to learn of the passing of Al...he was such a great guy and loyal friend who loved his family with all his heart.

We remember when they came into Refugio in their "Rumbler" towing their boat with Leah, Paul, Rachel, Stella and Grumpy all eager to become Bobcats. Our six bonded with their six immediately and started a relationship that has taken us over half of the known world. We will never forget "Oink Magee", the Al English version of Dixie, the silence that spread over his band when he raised his baton, Turid, Norway, "Jack, are those your shoes?", tea and crumpets at #9 Lanark in Jolly Old London, the night at the 1520 A.D. Club, the fish factory, raising the flag at Kvernes, fishing on the fjiord at 4 degrees Centigrade, the night in the coushette, our first night in Amsterdam at the five-star Hotel De Roode Leeuw, the fourth of July in Boston, Niagara Falls...literally hundreds of other memorable events.

Time, age, and circumstances have kept us apart in recent years; but it never diminished our love and respect for Al and Flora and the entire English clan.

Bon voyage, Al...there will be a lot to talk about at the next level.


Fran and Jack Slack
By: Sue Ellen (Slack) Miner Jun 30, 2006
Al English was a man who shared with those around him his love of life, family, and music. I can still picture his tall upright stature and contagious smile with trombone in hand and then quickly imagine hearing him tell us another funny story that could fill a room with laughter. Our family has such fond memories of our years together-the Slacks and the Englishes-starting in Refugio Bobcat country soon after I was born. As kids, we would dance around the kitchen table while our parents played Rook and listened to music.

Just a short distance away from me today at New Braunfels High and at New Braunfels Middle School, I can walk into the band hall and see the many pictures of Mr. English with his many, many award-winning bands! One quick look, and I remember this familiar voice say, “Well - hellooooo little Sue Ellen” - same words, same inflection, same smile, and same genuine greeting for forty plus years - all wrapped up in a big hug.

We will miss you, Mr. English... you have left a song in all of our hearts!


Sue Ellen
By: Mike Slack Jun 30, 2006
The news of Mr. English's passing has been felt throughout the Slack family. We regret that we are not able to be with you and share our fond memories of our families' wonderful times together.

I first met the English family through Paul whom I met on a hot summer day behind the Methodist Church fellowship hall during vacation Bible school. He was in the Cool Aid line. Shortly thereafter I met his handler, Leah. I later found out she was also his older sister. Leah stayed on as Paul's handler for many more years until she married.

Within a short period Paul and I became fast friends, along with our other friend David Bissett. Much great mischief would follow from our friendship triangle. We also flourished as an upstart jazz band with Paul on trumpet, Bissett on trash cans and me with broken drum sticks and an ancient practice pad. Paul could play enough notes to make a scale and we banged out steady rhythm albeit rather noisy. Not to imply anything disparaging to American Indians, our genre would be something akin to Native American pop. Certainly not the Nero sound that Paul turned us onto in later years. Mr. English would always give kind encouragement and we gladly accepted tips from the pro. It was ultimately an honor to finally play for him as a high schooler. It was a sad day when we learned that the English clan was moving to San Antonio, but our friendships continue to this day.

There are two visuals of Al English etched in my mind. The first is Mr. English barking on his ever-present megaphone. It should be on display in the TMEA hall of fame. The other visual was the look on Mr. English's face when Mrs. English greeted him the morning after our fathers took Paul and me on an overnight floundering expedition. Mr. English must have expected a warm welcome home. Perhaps it was our collective pathetic appearance or the batch of stinky fish, but I recall Flora English not being very pleased with the situation. Everything Mr. English served up seemed to make the situation worse. I simply recall wanting to get the heck out of there before anyone got shot.

This space is too confined to give the great Al English the roll of credits he deserves. He brought real music to a rural town of country folk and oil field trash. He (and J.C. Mitchell, of course) turned ordinary kids into great musicians and left a legacy that remains to this day. Long before Refugio would discover itself as a football town, Al English established Refugio as a great band town and was winning sweepstakes year after year.

Head held high and back straight, Al English was always proud to march alongside his bands. He was the original Music Man.

Our prayers, thoughts and best wishes to the English family as we all remember Mr. English.

We hope to see you all very soon and please understand the regret we feel in not being able to be with you.


The Mike Slack family
By: Tom Jenkins Jun 29, 2006
Al was always a kind and considerate gentleman to everyone he came in contact with. We enjoyed a close relationship after he came home from WWII. We enjoyed a lot of fun times together. We played many jobs together prior to, and after he and Skeeter went to Sam Houston State. Al was a consumate trombone player. He still remains in my memory vividly as having the greatest lead sound I ever heard. He played ballads better than any trombone player I enjoyed playing with...because he had "true" soul and expressed it beautifully in his solos. More than just a great player and teacher, he was a great husband and father who's family always came first in any decision he faced. To have lived as he did for his last few years was a manifestation of the fact that he was also one of the very toughest guys I have ever known. My love, thoughts and prayers are with those who survive Al.

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