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Jason Michael Smith
July 2, 1980 - July 2, 2006

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By: Jenn Dec 12, 2007
Jason smith was a kindhearted man. He was the most kindhearted happy person I have ever met. He always could bring a smile to my face. He was a very caring, gentle soul. He always seemed to have a smile, he was the type of guy that if his friends were down he tryed to chear them up. He hated violance. He was an awsome person to be around. He loved video games, anime, and music. He loved going to church, very religouis he was. Although he was not the type of person to try to push his religon on you if you were not christon. I happened to devlop these great feelings for him eventhough I did not mean too. I loved him, and I regret the fact that when he passed I was avoiding everyone. I was pregnant and depressed. So, I was avoiding everyone I pray to god everyday that I could do it all over again so this time things would b differant. I know that Jason will never trully be gone. I think about him atleast once everyday, and because he is in my heart and memory he will never be trully gone. That does not mean it hurts any less now does it? No, but we need to remember that Jason would not want us to be sad and he would not want us to greve over him for years on end. He would want us to be happy. Celibrating life at it's fullist. We should honnor his memorys and share the feeling he gave us with other people. We should pass on the happiness and love we shared with him with others. We should carry on his memorys into the future. This is the way we need to keep him alive, not just in our hearts but his spirit in everybody elses too. This is what we must do to cary on his memorys.

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