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Eleanor Maultsby
August 20, 1918 - July 7, 2006

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By: Ashley & Ethan Maultsby Mar 11, 2012
My grandma was a wonderfule person. I loved her very much. Even though my son never got to know her he talks about her all the time because I let Ethan now what kind of loving sweet person she was. And he will never forget that. He knows she is looking down on him.
Mill you so much Grandma
By: Mike & Carol` Fultz Jul 12, 2006
I will always have wonderful memories of Aunt Eleanor & Uncle Bob in my heart. Especially of the times we came to Coffeyville as a family and visited with the grandparents. Also, going to the little towns in Oklahoma where Uncle Bob would have a church and we would stay in their home. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. She will be missed.
By: Ronnie & Brenda Ashe Jul 12, 2006
God blesses each of us with 'special people' in our lives who, though unrelated, are still "family". Bro. Bob and Mrs. Maultsby were two such extraordinary souls who made us feel loved and welcomed when visiting. On one visit we discovered our car had lost a huge bolt for the bumper, making it sag into a 'frown' appearance. Bro. Bob was excited to search through his endless supply of hardware to find just the right size. After which he got a twinkle in his eyes, a "got-ya smile" and said: "Eleanor, I told you it was important to pick up all those bolts in parking lots because one day someone would need just that size". With her own special smile, she conceded to his great find. It's been our joy and great honor to know and love them both. She was the most gracious hostess and genteel lady we have known. We know their reunion in the presence of God is an immense joy. Our prayers for God's comfort and blessings for each family member.
By: Gabriel & Carolyn Durand Jul 11, 2006
When our thoughts turn towards Eleanor their are many wonderful memories.The friendship between Eleanor and my mother was so very special it warmed the heart,the love she gave to me after my mother passed away was a blessing I will always cherish. Eleanors sweet and gentle spirit was a reminder of the love she had for her Lord.and an example for all. She was a treasure and we loved her deeply.
By: LaVonne and Bob Stiffler Jul 11, 2006
Eleanor and Robert, and son Bill, were some of our first friends at West Conroe Baptist Church, when we moved here. Of course, they were everyone's friends--but made each of us feel special. Eleanor was the epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman. When she cheerfully visited with me a few weeks ago, I (LaVonne) was again reminded how much I love her, and will always hold our memories close in my heart. Not only her children, but we also want to join them to rise up and call her blessed....and a blessing!
By: Wanda Armstrong Jul 11, 2006
Eleanor was a wonderful friend and Christian lady, I loved her dearly. We have prayed together many times. For several years we have lived some distance apart, but we were always close in the Lord. She and Brother Bob were real friends and christians.

I know she loved her Lord and is with HIM now.
By: Pat Rolfe Jul 10, 2006
Eleanor and Bob were such wonderful friends and neighbors to my late mother, Lucy Knapp, when residents at Plantation Apartments. Mother was a good bit older than they (she died March 30, 2000 at 96), but shared the same delightful personality as your loved ones, and it broke my heart when the Alzheimer's became too serious to leave her there. One of my favorite stories was one Eleanor told me about going in their bedroom one day to find Bob lying stretched out flat on the floor, obviously not injured. When she asked him what he was doing, he replied that he was trying to get his back as straight as Lucy's! We all enjoyed a good laugh over his antics. They were both treasures to your family as well as to the rest of us whose lives they touched. My deepest sympathy to you in your earthly loss.
By: Karla Pollard Jul 10, 2006
I have been very blessed to have Eleanor as my grandma. I spent most of my childhood with her, and have lots of wonderful memories. She is a very special lady that I would like to be more like. She touched many peoples lives. I know she is in a better place smiling at my grandpa, but I will miss her dearly.
By: David Brothers Jul 10, 2006
I was blessed to have her in my life, grateful that she and Grandpa are reunited again, and feel lucky that they are up above watching out for all of us below. Though she will be missed, she will never be forgotten.
By: Trudie & Mac Kline Jul 10, 2006
All of Gertrude's children, Gloria, Shirley, Ernie, and myself, Trudie, want the family to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I have many happy memories of staying with you all in Derby and El Dorado, Kansas while Uncle Bob was starting new churches. We all know there has been a Happy Reunion in heaven. I know she was a blessing to all of her family, near and far, and to many many others. Aunt Eleanor's life was a great testimony for her Lord and Savior.
By: Dolores Damrel Jul 9, 2006
She was a great lady and a wonderful friend. Bill and I will miss her. We loved her very much.
By: NORMAN & SARAH SMITH Jul 9, 2006

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