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Stephen Lloyd Summers
November 23, 1949 - August 1, 2006

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Russell Morris..(cousin)Steve's humble and helpful spirit blessed me so ma
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By: Neville D'Souza Aug 25, 2006
We were extremely fortunate to have had a freind, philosopher and guide in Steve.Loosing him has created a terrible void in our lives.

We pray for Steve's family in their hour of grief.

Rateau Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Reps for Petreco DeSalter
By: Dale Hoover Browne Aug 10, 2006
Steve was about 11 yrs younger than I was. I was very close to his sister Sharon. Years ago, Penny had to go through all her clothes once to find some suitable shoes to loan me so that I could attend another family member's funeral as I had come from a long distance and forgot to bring my good shoes. They were all so special. My oldest son, Terry, was about 7 years younger than Steve. Once, when we were over visiting with Mary, Steve asked if he could take Terry out in the driveway to play with his old pedal car. He said he would push him around. I said OK and Mary and I could hear the boys out in the driveway laughing and talking and playing. When I got ready to leave, Mary and I walked out the door, Steve was sitting on top of the little car and my 2 or 3 year old son was pushing Stevie up and down the driveway, not the other way around.

He will be greatly missed.

Love to All Dale Hoover Browne
By: Sis Dean Aug 9, 2006
Some of my fondest memories of Steve while he lived with us, was him walking into the kitchen as I was sorting beans to cook and he asked me why I had to count them. He (&Penny) always wanted "cooked" tea. Whenever it was time to do laundry, I always had to double check under the bed for dirty clothes.
By: Donna White Aug 8, 2006
My tears well up as I start to write this. Steve was such a huge part of my life as a child. He was like a big brother to me and my brother Earnie. He lived with us while attending WTSU and he hauled me and my brother around in his Mustang. We felt pretty cool. It was the 70's. I will always remember how he listened to us and made us feel important. He loved Sharon, his mother, Penny and he loved his dad. He always wanted to please his dad. Lloyd was always proud of Steve as he was Sharon & Penny. Todd & Stevie were like his own. He was a great man, a terrific cousin and I loved him so much. I look forward to seeing him again one day. He is gone from our presence, but oh where he is now, he wouldn't trade for the world. I'll see you in heaven one sweet day. I love you.

By: Charlie & Pat Ritthaler Aug 7, 2006
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this hard time. Having known the Summers since childhood and then becoming friends with the Allen's and all the Land family, we have lots of great memories! Steve's sister was one of my very best friends in Jr. High and High School. Through the years this family has always been a special part of our community as well as our lives. May God's Love surround all of you today and comfort you in the future.
By: Don Winslow Aug 7, 2006
I had the prividge of knowing and working with Steve for all of his 29 years

at Petreco. Just a few months ago he visited my office, and we had a several

hours long visit regards our work and the medical condition we both had.

Matthew, you were to young to remember our meeting when you were just a tyke.

Your Dad was special, and we at Petreco will remember him with fondness.

Pleas accept my apology for not being in attendance at Steve's Service. I

was traveling north on IH45 and got stuck in an hour+ traffic jam.

May the Lord be with Steve.

With Deepest Sympathy,

Don Winslow
By: Russell Morris Aug 7, 2006
Steve and i were close when we were kids and he will be missed..Russell
By: Kim (Hoover) Stroope Aug 5, 2006
Our family will cherish wonderful childhood memories of Steve. Our prayers will be with all of you. Love, Kim and family
By: Patty Hoover Miller Aug 5, 2006
I always loved to hear Steve chuckle. I remember lots of fun family time with Sharron Sue, Steve and Penny. My thoughts and prayers are with you. love, patty

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