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Below is a list of pending services at Cashner Funeral Home & Cemeteries. Please click on the name of the individual to review their obituary/eulogy, to learn of the location and times of their service(s) and to send memorials and tributes to the Family. We are sure you will find these interactive Memorial Pages helpful in your grief and consoling of one another. If you do not find the name you are looking for, then please scroll down and use the search box near the bottom.

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Name (click to view)Date of Death   
Bessie Bachmann Feb 27, 2003Tributes Condolences
Irene and Baeza May 21, 2003Tributes Condolences
Edwin Bagley Jan 27, 2006Tributes Condolences
Leslie ''Les'' Bailey Jan 23, 2005Tributes Condolences
Verna Baines Feb 2, 2003Tributes Condolences
Larry Baird Feb 12, 2004Tributes Condolences
Ellon Baker Apr 30, 2003Tributes Condolences
Kari Baker Jul 19, 2002Tributes Condolences
Edna Baldwin Jun 21, 2006Tributes Condolences
Romeo Banuelos Sep 21, 2006Tributes Condolences
Diana Barber Nov 18, 2003Tributes Condolences
Jonathan Barber Aug 10, 2003Tributes Condolences
Manuel Barcenas Sep 5, 2002Tributes Condolences
Naomi Barile Dec 12, 2003Tributes Condolences
Kenneth Barksdale Nov 2, 2004Tributes Condolences
Robert ''Bob'' Barnett, Sr. Nov 17, 2003Tributes Condolences
August Barone Mar 6, 2002Tributes Condolences
Francisco Barrera Jul 8, 2002Tributes Condolences
Ethelene Barron Feb 17, 2005Tributes Condolences
Lucy Barron Nov 26, 2005Tributes Condolences
Barbara Basham Aug 21, 2004Tributes Condolences
Lois Battaile Feb 16, 2004Tributes Condolences
Eunice Batton Dec 26, 2006Tributes Condolences
Mary Baylor Feb 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
Eunice Beaty Jun 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
LaOuida Beck Feb 5, 2002Tributes Condolences
Charlene Beisert Feb 11, 2004Tributes Condolences
Eunice Belvin Jun 28, 2004Tributes Condolences
Charles Bemrose, Jr. Apr 25, 2002Tributes Condolences
Clyde Bennett Mar 6, 2006Tributes Condolences
Elsie Bergfeld Sep 15, 2005Tributes Condolences
J.W. ''Bill'' Bergfield Aug 12, 2004Tributes Condolences
Lola ''Susie'' Bergman Dec 7, 2003Tributes Condolences
John Bergman, Sr. Aug 15, 2006Tributes Condolences
Walter Berwick Aug 7, 2005Tributes Condolences
Mary Beutow Jul 28, 2004Tributes Condolences
David Bianchi Oct 26, 2004Tributes Condolences
Linda Bickley Feb 1, 2004Tributes Condolences
Earnest Biddy Dec 1, 2004Tributes Condolences
Donald Biehle, Sr. Jan 1, 2003Tributes Condolences
William Biggers, Jr. Mar 9, 2002Tributes Condolences
Roger Billings Jul 21, 2005Tributes Condolences
Lawrence Billnoski Dec 22, 2002Tributes Condolences
Lloyd Bilyeu Apr 28, 2004Tributes Condolences
Frank Birdwell Sep 23, 2006Tributes Condolences
P. Bjortvedt Mar 28, 2007Tributes Condolences
Marcia Black Apr 10, 2006Tributes Condolences
Marvin Black Sep 4, 2006Tributes Condolences
Barry Blackburn May 24, 2004Tributes Condolences
Ilene Blackburn Apr 4, 2007Tributes Condolences
Traci Blacow Feb 17, 2007Tributes Condolences
John Bladel Jan 19, 2007Tributes Condolences
Lila Blasingame Oct 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
Keith Blocker Aug 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Billy Bostick, Sr. Oct 19, 2004Tributes Condolences
Drebon Bowers Mar 8, 2002Tributes Condolences
Robbie Boyd Aug 21, 2005Tributes Condolences
Helen Bozarth Aug 24, 2003Tributes Condolences
Wanda Bradfute May 24, 2005Tributes Condolences
Karli Bradley Mar 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
Carl Brady Jun 27, 2003Tributes Condolences
J.D. Brann Jan 27, 2002Tributes Condolences
Jeanne Brasher Oct 22, 2002  Condolences
Anne Brashier Jun 10, 2005Tributes Condolences
Laura Bratten Dec 8, 2003Tributes Condolences
Irene Brent Jun 20, 2006Tributes Condolences
Erma Brewer Oct 5, 2006Tributes Condolences
Loyce Bridges Sep 21, 2006Tributes Condolences
Jimmie Bridwell, Sr. Jun 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Freddie Brooks Apr 13, 2004Tributes Condolences
Grady Brookshire Jan 22, 2007Tributes Condolences
Melvin Brookshire May 5, 2005Tributes Condolences
James Browder Apr 16, 2006Tributes Condolences
Jerald Brown Apr 22, 2003Tributes Condolences
John Brown Apr 4, 2006Tributes Condolences
Richard ''Dick'' Brown Sep 12, 2003Tributes Condolences
Rita Brown Jul 20, 2004Tributes Condolences
Robert and Martha Brown Dec 13, 2002Tributes Condolences
Marisue Bruce Nov 21, 2004Tributes Condolences
Sam Bruton Oct 21, 2006Tributes Condolences
Lyman Bryant Apr 27, 2004Tributes Condolences
Patricia Buckholz Jun 16, 2004Tributes Condolences
Evelyn Buckmaster Aug 28, 2003Tributes Condolences
LaRue Burgess Oct 22, 2002Tributes Condolences
Jo Ann Burkhart Mar 6, 2006Tributes Condolences
Arrie Burns Dec 26, 2006Tributes Condolences
Jimmie Burns Aug 19, 2002Tributes Condolences
Robert Burrow Feb 4, 2005Tributes Condolences
LaVerne Burton Mar 20, 2006Tributes Condolences
William Butler May 13, 2006Tributes Condolences
Eli Butler, Jr. Aug 23, 2004Tributes Condolences
Mary Buttrick Sep 7, 2006Tributes Condolences
Thomas Buzbee Mar 16, 2007Tributes Condolences
Palmer Bybee Dec 19, 2004Tributes Condolences
Marguerite Byrnes Jun 17, 2005Tributes Condolences
Major Frank Byrnes, Ret. May 26, 2004Tributes Condolences
Gerald Byron May 8, 2004Tributes Condolences
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