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Below is a list of pending services at Cashner Funeral Home & Cemeteries. Please click on the name of the individual to review their obituary/eulogy, to learn of the location and times of their service(s) and to send memorials and tributes to the Family. We are sure you will find these interactive Memorial Pages helpful in your grief and consoling of one another. If you do not find the name you are looking for, then please scroll down and use the search box near the bottom.

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Name (click to view)Date of Death   
James Madson Jan 14, 2005Tributes Condolences
Arpad Magyar Jan 20, 2004Tributes Condolences
Frank Malandrucolo Feb 1, 2005Tributes Condolences
Charles Males Nov 27, 2002Tributes Condolences
Mack Malone Feb 28, 2007Tributes Condolences
Lucille Mann Jul 31, 2006Tributes Condolences
Dorothy Manore Feb 15, 2008Tributes Condolences
Robbie Marchant Jul 29, 2002Tributes Condolences
Frank Marchione Nov 14, 2004Tributes Condolences
Louis ''Bill'' Mardaga May 24, 2005Tributes Condolences
Franklin ''Pete'' Markle, Jr. Mar 12, 2004Tributes Condolences
Homer Marshall Aug 30, 2004Tributes Condolences
Kyle Marshall Nov 12, 2006Tributes Condolences
Danielle Martin Feb 16, 2006Tributes Condolences
George ''Buddy'' Martin Mar 14, 2006Tributes Condolences
Keith Martin Feb 12, 2005Tributes Condolences
Margaret Martin Apr 29, 2005Tributes Condolences
Josephina Martinez Nov 3, 2003Tributes Condolences
Zeferino Martinez Jul 29, 2005Tributes Condolences
Don Massengale Jan 3, 2007Tributes Condolences
Annie Massey Dec 24, 2006Tributes Condolences
Richard Mata Oct 3, 2002Tributes Condolences
Peder Matson Nov 2, 2004Tributes Condolences
Mary Ann Matthews Mar 4, 2003Tributes Condolences
Eleanor Maultsby Jul 7, 2006Tributes Condolences
Sharon Maxie Dec 6, 2003Tributes Condolences
Ruth May Jul 31, 2002Tributes Condolences
Jada Mayfield Dec 13, 2003Tributes Condolences
Patricia Mayfield Mar 26, 2006Tributes Condolences
Delano ''Bud'' Maynard Sep 8, 2004Tributes Condolences
Rickey Maynard Apr 27, 2002Tributes Condolences
Marie McAdoo Feb 23, 2004Tributes Condolences
William McAdoo Jun 17, 2004Tributes Condolences
Rachel McBroom May 24, 2002Tributes Condolences
Ronald McCaffery Mar 6, 2002Tributes Condolences
Christopher McClendon Sep 19, 2004Tributes Condolences
James (Dad) McClusky Nov 19, 2005Tributes Condolences
Bobbie McCorkie May 7, 2006Tributes Condolences
Thomas McCormick Dec 30, 2004Tributes Condolences
Arnold McCoy Aug 27, 2002Tributes Condolences
Martha McCoy Jul 12, 2006Tributes Condolences
Virginia McCoy Apr 24, 2005Tributes Condolences
Steve McCrary Aug 28, 2002Tributes Condolences
J. L. ''Mac'' McCullough Sep 2, 2003Tributes Condolences
James McCullough Mar 10, 2004Tributes Condolences
Adrienne McDonald Dec 11, 2007Tributes Condolences
John McDonald Nov 15, 2004Tributes Condolences
Netta McDonald May 5, 2005Tributes Condolences
Robert McDonald Jun 25, 2005Tributes Condolences
Kellie McGee May 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
Sybil McHaney Nov 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
William McIntyre May 30, 2003Tributes Condolences
Duncan McKellar, MD Jun 20, 2005Tributes Condolences
Charlie McKnight Mar 11, 2003Tributes Condolences
Viola McKnight Sep 6, 2002Tributes Condolences
James McLean, Jr. Mar 16, 2002Tributes Condolences
Mary McLendon May 28, 2002Tributes Condolences
Hazel McMahon Apr 26, 2005Tributes Condolences
Christopher McNair Apr 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
Marion McNeil Feb 10, 2007Tributes Condolences
John McNiel May 17, 2003Tributes Condolences
Everette Meddress Oct 20, 2002Tributes Condolences
Donald Merrill Apr 9, 2005Tributes Condolences
Delmar Meyer Dec 22, 2005Tributes Condolences
Donald ''Donnie'' Michael Nov 14, 2004Tributes Condolences
Lindsay Midgett, Sr. Oct 17, 2005Tributes Condolences
Dorothy Miers Jun 16, 2004Tributes Condolences
Julian Mijangos Jun 14, 2003Tributes Condolences
Lee Miles Mar 3, 2003Tributes Condolences
Michael Miller Aug 15, 2002Tributes Condolences
Robert Miller Oct 17, 2002Tributes Condolences
Howard Mills Jul 29, 2004Tributes Condolences
Ella Milon Mar 25, 2003Tributes Condolences
Jack Miser Sep 12, 2003Tributes Condolences
Cora Mitchell Jan 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
Elmer ''Mitch'' Mitchell Jan 10, 2005Tributes Condolences
Robert Mitchell Jul 26, 2004Tributes Condolences
Norma Mohle Dec 31, 2006Tributes Condolences
Ann Montanari Dec 30, 2006Tributes Condolences
Emmitt Montgomery Aug 21, 2007Tributes Condolences
Eva Montgomery Feb 11, 2004Tributes Condolences
Ray Montgomery Feb 26, 2006Tributes Condolences
Richard Montgomery Dec 3, 2006Tributes Condolences
Gladys Moore Nov 26, 2003Tributes Condolences
Howard Moore Sep 20, 2007Tributes Condolences
James Moore Jul 8, 2005Tributes Condolences
Shelby Moore Aug 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
Viola Moore Aug 29, 2002Tributes Condolences
Mattie Moorhead Aug 23, 2005Tributes Condolences
Victor Morales, Sr. Jul 17, 2006Tributes Condolences
MSG Billy Moreland, USAF, Ret. Aug 3, 2003Tributes Condolences
Emma Morgan Nov 20, 2005Tributes Condolences
Jack Morgan May 8, 2004Tributes Condolences
John Morgan Jan 15, 2003Tributes Condolences
Ann Moses May 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
John Moses Jun 24, 2007Tributes Condolences
Michael Moses Jul 25, 2005Tributes Condolences
Vivienne Mosser Jan 30, 2006Tributes Condolences
Cora Mostek Mar 13, 2005Tributes Condolences
Roy Mowdy Jun 25, 2002Tributes Condolences
Wayne Muenzler Jan 14, 2003Tributes Condolences
Joe Muhle, Jr. Aug 10, 2003Tributes Condolences
Gerald ''Gene'' Munger, Sr. Jul 27, 2005Tributes Condolences
George Murray Nov 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
Doyle Murry May 28, 2003Tributes Condolences
Ella Murry Sep 14, 2005Tributes Condolences
Ernestine Myers May 3, 2005Tributes Condolences
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