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Below is a list of pending services at Cashner Funeral Home & Cemeteries. Please click on the name of the individual to review their obituary/eulogy, to learn of the location and times of their service(s) and to send memorials and tributes to the Family. We are sure you will find these interactive Memorial Pages helpful in your grief and consoling of one another. If you do not find the name you are looking for, then please scroll down and use the search box near the bottom.

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Name (click to view)Date of Death   
Nell Saad Nov 24, 2004Tributes Condolences
Charles Sager Sep 8, 2003Tributes Condolences
Ruth Sager Jul 8, 2005Tributes Condolences
Mary Salerno Jul 27, 2006Tributes Condolences
Michael Salinas May 7, 2006Tributes Condolences
Virginia Salinas Jan 17, 2003Tributes Condolences
Murrell Salley, Jr. Apr 28, 2004Tributes Condolences
Jackelyn Sanchez May 10, 2002Tributes Condolences
Maria Sanchez Oct 22, 2005Tributes Condolences
Lela Sandberg Jan 23, 2006Tributes Condolences
Wayne Sanderlin Feb 5, 2003Tributes Condolences
James Sanders Jun 13, 2005Tributes Condolences
Robert Sands Jan 6, 2006Tributes Condolences
Elio Sauceda Nov 25, 2003Tributes Condolences
Betty Sauers Jan 3, 2006Tributes Condolences
Greg Sauers Jun 18, 2006Tributes Condolences
Shara Sawyer Sep 28, 2002Tributes Condolences
Travis Scaife Oct 25, 2005Tributes Condolences
Timothy Schaefer Feb 11, 2007Tributes Condolences
Mildred Schild Jun 9, 2004Tributes Condolences
Mary Schindler Nov 8, 2004Tributes Condolences
Victor Schindler Jul 21, 2003Tributes Condolences
Mildred Schneider May 4, 2003Tributes Condolences
Thelma Schneider Jan 19, 2006Tributes Condolences
Milton ''Buddy'' Schoppe Jul 30, 2005Tributes Condolences
Nadine Schriener May 10, 2002Tributes Condolences
Robert Schrimsher Nov 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
Dot Schroeder Aug 15, 2003Tributes Condolences
Walter Schroeder Oct 10, 2003Tributes Condolences
Robert Schuster Feb 13, 2002Tributes Condolences
Thomas Scott Jun 4, 2002Tributes Condolences
Jack Sears Aug 18, 2004Tributes Condolences
Jason Sebree II Sep 9, 2003Tributes Condolences
Ray Seese May 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
Suzanne Selensky Feb 18, 2005Tributes Condolences
Thomas Self Jan 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
William Sellers Apr 26, 2003Tributes Condolences
Mattie Sessums Mar 11, 2002Tributes Condolences
George Seyfang Jul 21, 2004Tributes Condolences
Bonnie Shaw Apr 2, 2005Tributes Condolences
Clara Sheffield Jan 24, 2008Tributes Condolences
Charles Sherry, Sr. Nov 28, 2004Tributes Condolences
Marjorie Shipp Jul 13, 2005Tributes Condolences
Joe Shivers, Sr. Jul 9, 2004Tributes Condolences
Arlinda Shultz Sep 23, 2002Tributes Condolences
Leonard Siedhoff Mar 17, 2006Tributes Condolences
Roberta Sifferman Oct 19, 2005Tributes Condolences
Edward Sigmier May 20, 2003Tributes Condolences
Jerry Simmons Sep 12, 2005Tributes Condolences
Reginald Simmons Sep 27, 2006Tributes Condolences
Jacklyn Simpson Dec 29, 2004Tributes Condolences
Joyce Sims May 28, 2007Tributes Condolences
Samuel Skelton Feb 8, 2007Tributes Condolences
Samantha Skiles Feb 19, 2002Tributes Condolences
Paula Slane Oct 30, 2006Tributes Condolences
Katie Slay Dec 27, 2004Tributes Condolences
Leroy Small Jul 16, 2003Tributes Condolences
Barney ''Jack'' Smallwood Sep 13, 2003Tributes Condolences
Dorothy Smart Aug 19, 2005Tributes Condolences
Edith Smith Sep 19, 2004Tributes Condolences
Emily Smith Oct 14, 2006Tributes Condolences
Floyd Smith Mar 8, 2007Tributes Condolences
Harold Smith Jun 25, 2005Tributes Condolences
Jason Smith Jul 2, 2006Tributes Condolences
Jennifer Smith Feb 8, 2005Tributes Condolences
Jimmie Smith Sep 14, 2004Tributes Condolences
Mary Smith Jan 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
Ocie Smith Aug 21, 2002Tributes Condolences
Patsy Smith Jan 22, 2007Tributes Condolences
Rickey Smith Jul 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Robert Carlton ''RC'' Smith Dec 2, 2005Tributes Condolences
Timmothy Smith Jun 21, 2003Tributes Condolences
Walter Smith Sep 8, 2005Tributes Condolences
David Smoot Apr 25, 2006Tributes Condolences
Guadalupe Solis Aug 7, 2003Tributes Condolences
Herman Sonsel Sep 20, 2003Tributes Condolences
Robert ''Bob'' Southard Sep 4, 2003Tributes Condolences
Jay Southworth Jan 24, 2005Tributes Condolences
James Spence Mar 10, 2002Tributes Condolences
Anna Spencer Apr 3, 2005Tributes Condolences
Anthony Spradlin Jan 17, 2003Tributes Condolences
Carl Springer Oct 23, 2006Tributes Condolences
Helen Springer Feb 1, 2004Tributes Condolences
Neoma Stachowiak Oct 16, 2006Tributes Condolences
Lawrence Stachowiak, Sr. Mar 13, 2005Tributes Condolences
Gilbert Stagg, Jr. Aug 9, 2002Tributes Condolences
Jessica Stainbrook Sep 22, 2005Tributes Condolences
Mack Standley Dec 25, 2004Tributes Condolences
Bonnie Stanley May 16, 2002Tributes Condolences
Margaret Stanley Dec 25, 2006Tributes Condolences
W.G. ''Bill'' Stansel Feb 8, 2006Tributes Condolences
William Steinman Apr 21, 2004Tributes Condolences
Morgan Stephens Sep 16, 2004Tributes Condolences
Martha ''Judy'' Stevenson Feb 11, 2006Tributes Condolences
Lester Steward Dec 20, 2005Tributes Condolences
Rick Stewart Jul 1, 2002Tributes Condolences
Richard Stigleman Sep 9, 2003Tributes Condolences
Lillian Stockton Oct 20, 2006Tributes Condolences
Ethel Stokes Oct 30, 2005Tributes Condolences
JB Strickland Jul 27, 2006Tributes Condolences
Audrey Stroh Oct 5, 2006Tributes Condolences
Warren Stubblefield Dec 1, 2006Tributes Condolences
Margie Stubbs Nov 26, 2002Tributes Condolences
Warren Stubbs Sep 9, 2007Tributes Condolences
Karen Stutes Feb 18, 2005Tributes Condolences
William Suggs Jul 4, 2004Tributes Condolences
Alice Sullivan May 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Virginia Sullivan Jun 11, 2005Tributes Condolences
Stephen Summers Aug 1, 2006Tributes Condolences
Tommy Summers Oct 17, 2005Tributes Condolences
Willie Sunday Oct 12, 2002Tributes Condolences
Lawrence Syma Aug 21, 2006Tributes Condolences
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